Registration and Immunizations

Whether your child is just beginning kindergarten or you’re new to our district, we welcome you to our school family. Below is everything you need to know about registering a new student at one of our schools.

To register your child for the current school year (2023–2024), please contact Ms. Cheryl Boehm for Hillside (grades K–4) or Ms. Catherine Chow for Tenakill (grades 5–8). 

Grades K–8

Registration for all grades for the next school year is now open. To register your child, please visit our Pre-Registration page.

Required Documentation for Registration

  • Completed registration forms. 
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of residency:
    • Property tax bills; deeds; contracts of sale; leases; mortgages; signed notarized letters from landlords; and other evidence of property ownership, tenancy, or residency. (Contact Ms. Boehm or Ms. Chow to secure the appropriate affidavits if needed)
    • Voter registrations, licenses, permits, financial account information, utility bills, delivery receipts, and other evidence of personal attachment to a particular location.
    • Court orders, state agency agreements, and other evidence of court or agency placements or directives.
    • Receipts, bills, canceled checks, and other evidence of expenditures demonstrating personal attachment to a particular location, or, where applicable, to support of the student.
    • Medical reports, counselor or social worker assessments, employment documents, benefit statements, and other evidence of circumstances demonstrating, where applicable, family or economic hardship, or temporary residency.
    • Affidavits, certifications, and sworn attestations pertaining to statutory criteria for school attendance, from the parent, legal guardian, person keeping an “affidavit student,” adult student, person(s) with whom a family is living, or others, as appropriate.
    • Documents pertaining to military status and assignment.
    • Any business record or document issued by a governmental entity.
    • Any other form of documentation relevant to demonstrating entitlement to attend school.

The totality of information and documentation provided will be considered in evaluating an application, and, unless expressly required by law, the student will not be denied enrollment based on the inability to provide certain form(s) of documentation where other acceptable evidence is presented.

Please be aware that any determination of the student’s eligibility to attend school in this district is subject to more thorough review and subsequent re-evaluation, and that tuition may be assessed in the event that an initially admitted student is found ineligible. If your student is found ineligible, now or later, you will be provided the reasons for our decision and instructions on how to appeal.