It’s a tech-driven world. Our aim is to put students in the driver's seat by infusing traditional learning techniques with innovative technology. We practice good digital citizenship by being safe, responsible, and respectful users of technology.

1:1 Technology Initiative

Integrated into every aspect of our lives, technology use is no longer optional. Although every child may not grow up to design software and technology, every child will assuredly need the skills to use it. Personal devices offer a whole new world of ways to learn our ABCs and 123s while reinforcing logical thinking processes and familiarity in using technological platforms. We offer this initiative to all middle school students in grades five through eight. All students and parents are required to review and sign our Tenakill Middle School Chromebook agreement.

Students will be responsible to transport their Chromebooks between home and school. Should a device become damaged or lost, please follow the instructions found in the Tenakill Middle School Chromebook agreement, and bring a completed copy of page four to the Tenakill main office.