Our District

You’ll find Closter Public Schools in beautiful Bergen County, just to the northwest of New York City. Since the arrival of the earliest Dutch immigrants during the early 1700s, the people of Closter have valued literacy and education. Our students truly benefit from this tradition of scholarship, and the community support we receive further underscores the importance of education here. Closter Public Schools is proud to continue to build upon more than three centuries of educating children.

Our Mission

The Closter Public School District is dedicated to educational excellence. In partnership with the family, staff, and community, we are committed to meeting the educational needs of each child by providing the programs and environment necessary to:

  • Enable every child to reach full potential
  • Promote self-esteem, respect, responsibility, and appreciation of diversity
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and academic achievement as per the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. (NJSLS)
  • Prepare each child for continued education and responsible citizenship
  • Instill a lifelong passion for learning