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Keeping our community informed about the issues that affect their families and sharing important announcements is just one more way we serve our community.

District Anti-Bullying Efforts Keep Character Education at the Forefront

During the first week of October, schools throughout New Jersey participated in the Week of Respect. Dancer Brandon Lee White’s simple message of “Be brave, be nice, and to be yourself” was very well received by the Hillside students. Kids don’t have to have super powers to be super students. Teachers and students at Hillside dressed in their favorite gear to “team up against bullying.” TMS focused on being against bullying for things like kindness, connection to community, appreciation, and including others. Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to dress in line with daily bullying prevention related themes, engage in interactive activities at lunch and in advisory, change classes to the sounds of songs they requested, and think about what it means to be “all in” in our school and community with speaker Gian Paul Gonzalez. Many student volunteers helped behind the scenes, took photos, and ran lunch stations to focus on how a community can work together to prevent bullying and create a safe and welcoming place for every student.

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Participants Wanted

Join the principals or the advisory groups. Email Mr. Tantum for TMS or Mr. Baffa for HES. These groups meet to address the issues of parents in the community. Check school notices for more information on upcoming dates.

Butterfly Garden Added at Hillside

Full view of gardenBoy Scout, Alec Gersbery, added a new garden to the grounds of HES. Alec created the garden to allow the butterflies of the area a beautiful resting place. The fence will keep out the wild turkeys and roaming deer from eating the flowers. Science instructor, Ms. Silvia Jost, coordinated the efforts at the school level while Alec earned his Eagle Scout award.

New Fitness Elective Engages Mind and Body

Tenakill’s fitness elective is the first of its kind in middle schools in the Northern Valley area. Eighth graders learn about injury prevention in sessions that teach how to recognize proper kinetic alignment and postural imbalances. Each class, students perform corrective exercises to stretch and strengthen tight or weak muscles. Each student creates a fitness plan that includes warm-up, strengthening, flexibility, balance, speed, agility, quickness, and cool-down exercises.

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Standardized Testing Schedule

We have received the state standardized assessment testing schedule. Please mark your calendars and get plenty of rest before each test.