Board and District Goals

Board Goals:

  • Reach a settlement with the Closter Education Association.
  • Establish a policy committee.
  • Foster increased coordination with the Closter Mayor and council by scheduling at least two meetings before June 2020.

District Goals:

  • By June 2020, the superintendent will re-establish a District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC) that will meet at least five times to review the district’s evaluation process and the DEAC will make recommendations focused on improving communication about professional practice. 
  • By February 2020, the superintendent and business administrator will present options to the board of education for adding instructional classroom space at Hillside School, which may include relocating board offices and initiating a bond referendum. 
  • By May 2020, the administrators will update all job descriptions.
  • By May 2020, the school district will complete phase I of the Future Ready Schools - New Jersey program, including the district self-assessment to discover the district’s strengths and needs within the context of deepening and extending student learning through the use of technology, digital content, and media.