District Goals

District Goals 2021–2022:

  • By May 2022, implement the District Diversity Council action plan for the 2021–2022 academic year; the District Diversity Council will have at least three meetings to identify a plan for the 2022–2023 academic year.
  • Create a research team to identify what Closter students will need in their future and to recommend any future-ready programs to the board by February 2022, to be included in the 2022–2023 budget.
  • By March 2022, a middle school team will review the middle-school to high school transition process and will create an action plan to ensure the successful transition of eighth grade students to high school. The team will identify a procedure for maintaining longitudinal data on how Closter students perform at Northern Valley Regional High School. 

Board Goals 2021–2022:

  • The Finance and Physical Plant Committee will review the district long-range facilities plan to determine what improvements to the school should be updated in the plan. The committee will present the plan to the full board for approval.

District Goals 2020–2021:

  • By May 2021, advance the work of inclusivity and equity in Closter Public Schools by establishing a District Diversity Council to meet at least three times to identify important issues related to diversity and equity within the district and to identify an action plan for addressing issues.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, ensure the continuity of health, safety and instruction by:
    • Maintaining ongoing communication with the district physician and Mid-Bergen Regional Health Consortium whenever students or staff test positive for COVID-19.
    • Gathering feedback of the hybrid/fully virtual model from teachers, staff, students (grade 3–8) and parents through at least two surveys.
    • Maintaining readiness to pivot with the current conditions and to revise learning models for increased instructional and learning time whenever possible.
  • By May 2021, complete the process of drafting, editing, and finalizing an update for all district policies and regulations. 
  • By May 2021, plan and budget for replacement of technology devices and equipment and explore the new process for becoming a sustainable New Jersey digital school district.