Social Networking for Educators

Posted by Courtney Carmichael at 9/11/2015

I used to think Twitter was a waste of time. Recently, I had an Aha! moment recognizing the potential for connecting with others who feel passionate across the globe. To me it is a place of positivity and problem solving. It is where I can find resources on my favorite subjects and reach out to others who are facing similar challenges. 

My latest hot topics relate to #STEM, #NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), #literacy, and #assessment. I use the # (hashtag) to follow trends and #edchat to have conversations about the same topics all around the world. On Thursdays, I follow #edtherapy to find positive reinforcement in the career I love. 

I now have a Professional Learning Network that features other supervisors, teachers, parents, vendors and authors from all over the world. And my network is small yet; it is growing each day. 

Someone new to Twitter can be a lurker, just following other professionals and see what they post. The next level is the Retweeter. Someone who RT articles or other posts. Next, you can start RT with quotes, providing insight into why you like or think worth noting the tweet. Then, the # comes into play. The big jump is the various chat groups you can participate in online. 

A good tip is to only spend 10 minutes each day. Don't overload. 

Teachers and parents can follow me @Court1224. See you on Twitter!