Prepping with Common Core Math

Posted by Courtney Carmichael at 11/12/2014

Making Sense of the Math Education Week released a report on the Common Core State Standards, Making Sense of the Math. Facing viral responses to the math strategies and news reports of the controversies, the report discusses what teachers and schools are doing to prepare for the state-mandated tests aligned to the Common Core.

The math curriculum is a large paradigm shift compared to how adults were taught how to do calculations and word problems. The focus is on number sense and finding multiple ways of doing the math. In addition, the common Core includes eight standards of Mathematical Practices. Proficient math students use habits like perseverance, precision and critique to understand at a higher level. In addition, language literacy is used more than before as students must grapple with how to do and show their work on a more sophisticated level.

In Closter, the recent adoptions of Big Ideas and Go Math, not only addresses the Common Core shifts but also uses a significant amount of technology in all grades from kindergarten to eighth. In the spring, students will take the PARCC, computer-based tests aligned to the Common Core, for the first time.