Back to School Night Tips

Posted by Courtney Carmichael at 9/9/2014

Back-to-school night is about first impressions. What is the impression a teacher should provide to parents? If teachers want to create an open, welcoming vibe, teachers should act that way. Sharing personal stories about the love of being a teacher, how much the subject matter means, or displaying photos of family and the students during the presentation shows parents that a teacher is warm and friendly. During this initial staging of the classroom, a teacher can focus on priorities for the year that will be developed during the time spent in the class.
If a teacher reiterates rules and procedures that were already sent home and signed by the parents and guardians, does this personalize the classroom? Parents want to be reassured that the teacher is doing the best job and cares for their children. 
 A great website is The Cornerstone for Teachers that provides specific and fun tips for creating a welcoming impression. 
Most of all, teachers should have fun showing off their rooms and work. They should be proud of their positions in the community. This is a great time to shine.