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A Message From the Board of Education

Closter Board of Education
340 Homans Avenue ● Closter, NJ 07624
October 24, 2014

To Parents and Community of Closter:

As you may be aware, Tenakill Middle School has experienced some administrative turnover. The Principal and Assistant Principal have left together for opportunities in another school district. While we regret the difficulty they introduced by their actions, all of our staff and programs are being conducted as before. Given the assurance of the full support of the Closter Board of Education, our Superintendent, Ms.  Joanne Newberry, has introduced a number of steps that will ensure the smooth continuance of the highest quality of education, which is the standard in the Closter School District.

First, Ms. Newberry has put in place a strong administrative team with herself as acting Principal and our current Assistant Principal, Mr. Robert Hyman, both with superior credentials.  They are assisted by Ms. Courtney Carmichael, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Mr. William Tantum, Technology Integration Program Supervisor, and Ms. Samantha Reed, Guidance Counselor.

Second, Ms. Newberry has substantial experience in this form of administration as she had served simultaneously as the superintendent and principal of the school district from which she left to come to Closter.

Third, the Board of Education members will work closely under Ms. Newberry's guidance to ensure that any and all actions are being taken to support the smooth continuance of life at Tenakill; for both the teachers and students as we process this transition to a new administrative team.

Fourth, our Superintendent/Principal, Ms. Newberry, and Assistant Principal, Mr. Hyman, are always available to discuss our program of educational excellence and will be happy to meet with you.  If you are available, please come to one of our meet-and-greets on November 10th at 2:15 PM or 7:00 PM in the Tenakill auditorium.

Finally, please be assured that your children and your community have the best of the best working in the Administration and Staff of our school system.  Our school system will not miss a beat in the current school year. We are convinced, as you should be, that the students will experience the smooth continuity of creative programs, education and learning excellence.

The Closter Board of Education