• Hillside Elementary School's mission is to promote a love of school and lifelong learning for all children by developing their self-discipline, ability to work cooperatively, decision-making and problem-solving skills, appreciation of individual differences, and respect for the environment. The community at Hillside Elementary School is dedicated to developing the child by providing authentic hands-on learning experiences, which challenge and encourage risk-taking by utilizing technology as a tool to enhance learning, by adapting to different learning styles, and by reinforcing democratic values to foster responsible citizens for the ever-changing world.

    The faculty's outstanding commitment to continuous growth and development is prominent. Their active and ongoing participation in staff development opportunities through our Northern Valley Curriculum Center, our affiliation with LitLife and Math Solutions, and our participation in school-based professional learning circles demonstrates their willingness to be the best they can be for our children.

    The integration of technology and workplace readiness skills is evident through the implementation of our multimedia literacies program. The use of our television broadcasting system and mobile computer labs are just two of our initiatives supporting this program. Hillside News Network (HNN) is a daily live newscast run by the students. The HNN studio is located in the school's media center and is equipped with a teleprompter, video cameras, microphones, computers for still graphics and video, DVD players, digital cameras, a sound mixer, professional studio lighting, and an AV mixer.

    We are committed to developing and maintaining a meaningful partnership of parents, children, teachers, administrators, and community members, which encourages full and active participation in the learning process. Our faculty presents  outstanding, interactive learning activities with parents/guardians in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, and science.

    As a school, we are very privileged to work cooperatively with a supportive Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The dedicated membership of the PTO supports cultural arts as well as academic and after school activities for our students. School-home cooperation is a hallmark of our school community.

    At Hillside Elementary School, teachers, staff, and parents strive to work together to foster learning opportunities for children that are challenging and interesting in a safe, relaxed, and stimulating learning environment.