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The world in which we live has been changing since the beginning of time. There are many forces involved in the changes that have, and continue, to occur. Two of the forces involved in these changes are little known to most students today; erosion and deposition. You've been asked to work in a group so to be able to inform the student body regarding how these forces are occur and what their effect on the environment is.





Student groups will create a public service announcement to educate the public about the dangers of one form of potentially harmful erosion and deposition. Your group will be assigned one of the following topics to report on:

      1. Beach Erosion
      2. Wind Erosion
      3. Glaciers & Crevasses
      4. Icebergs
      5. Landslides
      6. Mudflows & Lahars

Students will create a multimedia animation using to present their findings to the public.




1. Students will work in teams of three or four.

2. Teams will conduct the necessary research on their topic. Each member will be involved in each of the following tasks, but one will be assigned to oversee the completion of the task by the group:

A. Data Collection
B. PSA Script Writing
  • Research and collect all relevant information about the type of erosion and its impact on the environment
  • Gather images and diagrams that demonstrate the negative effect of the erosion
  • Research and collect information about to prevent/slow down that type of erosion
  • Using the appropriate template, write a script that addresses all guiding questions
  • Include in your script descriptions of images or diagrams you included in the PSA
  • Include all appropriate vocabulary within the script
C. Graphic Design
D. Animation Creation
  • Create images/diagrams that demonstrates the negative impact of erosion
  • Include labels and/or tables to visually identify the impact erosion has
  • Create a checklist of things that can be done to help prevent future damage
  • Design an appropriate setting and spokespersons within GoAnimate to report findings
  • Create different scenes and input completed script
  • Include appropriate pictures, images, and diagrams to enhance your PSA


3. The team must use the appropriate template to Guide the completion of the PSA.

Beach Erosion Wind Erosion Glaciers & Crevasses
Icebergs Landslides Mudflows & Lahars


4. Once the team has collected all the information they need written their script, and created all graphics, they will create an animated PSA within GoAnimate to present their findings.


5. The team will include the following into their animation:

A. Team Member Names (Either in a graphic or in the spoken script)
B. Resources used to collect their information will be identified at the end of the presentation



Your final grade will be scored using the rubric below.

Beginning (1)
Developing (2)
Accomplished (3)
Exemplary (4)
Research Content/Accuracy
Fewer than two facts displayed and discussed. Two to three facts are displayed and discussed. More detail needed. Four facts are displayed and discussed. All facts are displayed and discussed.
Fewer than two graphics/diagrams, which do not relate to the topic. Two graphics/diagrams included - improvement needed in how they relate to the topic. Three understandable, related graphics/diagrams are included. Four or more well related graphics/diagrams are utilized to enhance understanding of topic.
Disorganized graphics and composition. Improvement needed in creation of graphics and balancing composition of animation. Well designed graphics and well balanced composition of animation. Exceptionally well designed graphics and composition of animation.
Information presented within animation is not understandable in organization and language. Information presented within organization needs improvement in organization and language usage. Easy to understand language and logical transitions are evident in the animation. Exceptional language usage and well thought out transitions between ideas are evident throughout the animation.
Group was unsuccessful in completing the animation. Animation was unorganized and scenes confused the overall message of the PSA. Animation was organized and scenes helped communicate the importance of the PSA. Animation was extremely well organized and scenes enhanced the importance of the PSA.
Knowledge Gained
Knowledge of the subject is poor. Students cannon answer any questions related to the topic. Not prepared. Knowledge of the subject needs improvement. Can answer some questions related to the topic. More preparation is needed. Students demonstrated good knowledge of the subject. Can answer most questions related to the topic. Good preparation. Students demonstrated excellent knowledge of the subject. Can accurately answer all questions related to the topic. Well prepared.
Several required elements are missing, including names and works cited. Some required elements are missing, including names and/or works cited. Most of the required elements are met, including names and/or works cited. All required elements are met, including names and works cited.




The resources your team may use includes your textbook and Internet sources.


Nimbus Group Resource

Nimbus Online Community

General Resources




Topical Resources

Beach Erosion

Beach Recovery

Wind Erosion

Wind Erosion and Its Control

Glacial Erosion


Iceberg Erosion


Landslide Control




Works Cited Resources


Ms. Kahn's Works Cited Example
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Thanks to your hard work, the public has now been educated on the dangers of erosion and deposition. In addition, you are now an expert on using GoAnimate!


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